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What does Disallowed mean in this context

Simple question


In configuring airgroups on a vlan what does Allowed/Disallowed mean in this context. 


If a vlan is set to disallowd, then in monitor/airgroups  you can see all airgroup client devices  on any vlan irrespective of whether they are clients or servers.


If a vlan is set to allowed then same thing  but you can then see any airgroup servers.

Is this all it does.?


Is there any way of really disabling airgroups on a vlan so you don't see any ag devices?


Related question, all our mobility controllers have the same vlans tagged to them. I'm guessing therefor that the max number of airgroup devices we could see on our network would be 2048 because every controller would see all the same devices and then fill their "tables" up irrespective  of whether we define any airgroup domains





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