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What is needed to configure WMM

After you have switched WMM on  in the controller.


Am I right in the following:-


1) Clients will automatically use it if they can? Do you have to switch it on in clients if so how?


2) Between the clients and the AP - regardless of any other configuration on your LAN, will WMM prioritise what happens up to the AP? In which case perhaps it is useful on its own?


3) Will it overwrite application markings on the client or will  they remain in tact when it gets to the LAN switch?



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Re: What is needed to configure WMM

I checked and I can see that (and I am not using WMM at this stage) the markings we put n our application are lost immediately.I am not sure why this happens but I have just proved it with wireshark..... so I need to configure WMM . please help me work out  what actuially needs to be done other than check WMM in the SSID profile?

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Re: What is needed to configure WMM

What is your application specifically?  Can you see those markings on the wired port when the wireless device plugs into the wired network?


EDIT:  QOS is NOT enabled by default in a Lync environment.  Please consult the Microsoft LYNC document here to make sure everything is configured correctly.




Under the SSID profile under the Advance TAB for that wireless network, you can enable WMM on the Aruba Controller.  You can also override  what gets tagged:wmm.png

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Re: What is needed to configure WMM

The application is lync voice packets and they are marked with EF46 and these do work throughout our infrastrrcture on wired.


Do I have to turn on WMM on client? If so, please tell me how this is done in win 7 machine?


As we are running EF46 is it a straight forward swap to change the '56' default value to 46 or do I need to do some other calculation?



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Re: What is needed to configure WMM

All, I still dont know how after WMM is turned on at the controller (to whatever Qos values you assign it) how it knows how to convert the markings we send out from the app on the client (which is ef46). Is it possible?



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