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What is the BLE initiation sequence?



I would like to know the sequence the AP initiates its BLE. What I mean is, that I experienced that a factory, out-of-the-box AP (with the old OS, not the unified), if connected to a network, and it dosen't find a controller, then it initiates its BLE console. (I guess its for troubleshooting purpose, which worked like a charm so far for us.) After it gets provisioned, I unplugged the AP, did a hard reset, and plugged it back onto a controllerless network and it brings back its BLE console up. Now I assumed, this is the correct functioning order? (Obviously with the new unified OS this function is probably obsolete, because in this case the AP turns into an IAP and brings up an SSID).


So what I would like to know is how exactly the AP brings up its BLE? (Without setting up anything in the ap-system profile)


The reason for this question is that I have an AP305, and after factory resetting, and plugging it to a controllerless network the AP dosen't bring up its BLE. What might be the difference?



Thanks in advance!


Daniel Katai

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