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What is the impact of enabling HA?

I have vrrp enabled already, but no HA group defined.  I would like to configure this portion of our controller HA, but would like to know the impact beforehand.  Is this something that is low impact and could be done toward the end of a work day, or should I plan for a maintenance window?

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Re: What is the impact of enabling HA?

It depends on how you have it configured.  If anything goes wrong during the day, you will have an outage.

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Re: What is the impact of enabling HA?

See here It explains how to migrate to HA
If the VRRP VIP address is defined under from the AP system profile and then you will need to use the actual controller IP address for HA, the APs could potentially bootstrap during that time.

I suggest you have minimum 30 minutes of maintenance time

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Re: What is the impact of enabling HA?

Thanks guys.  I'll plan around a maintenance window to set this up.

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