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What is the process of increasing CP-VA-500 to allow for 1600 devices?



I currently have CP-VA-500 and in future want to increase to 1600 device authentications.

How can i achieve this? Do i buy 2 x CP-VA-500 to a total of 1500 and hope the average authenticated devices stay below 1500 over 7 days period? or go for the 5000 license option.

And if i do go over 1500 for a month, at what point do i get locked out of admin? Do i violate the licenses continuosly for 4 months to be locked out?

Also do i need to run 3 separate VMs or can i add licenses to existing VMs?





Re: What is the process of increasing CP-VA-500 to allow for 1600 devices?

Clearpass is pretty easy on licenses..


It works with rolling periods but ease I'll pretend they use weeks and months (where normally its riolling 7 and 30 day avg).


If your 7-day rolling average exceeds your license count that month will be marked as "license exceeded".

If you get 4 out of 6 consecutive months license exceeded clearpass will take action and start locking you out of the administrative interfaces.  


That means all your dot1x authentications and such will keep working. However you can no longer edit config or even create guest users. 

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Re: What is the process of increasing CP-VA-500 to allow for 1600 devices?

The VMs aren't elastic from the perspective of adding capacity on a per VM basis.  True - you can add nodes to a cluster but are you then spreading out the authentication requests from the NAD's?  If not, you may run into a capacity issue on a single node even though you are not exceeding the cluster's stated license count as the AAA licenses is really equating to a per node max capacity.


So, I would recommend that the 500 VMs be used as say a Guest server for visitor registration if required or placed in a remote office/backup and you purchase the 5000 VMs for your core AAA IF you are confident that you will be consistently above 500 unique authentications on a per node basis on a trailing 7 day rolling average

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