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What types of wall boxes are supported by the new AP-93H

The AP-93H uses a special mount plate to attach to a variety of electrical/data wall boxes. There are many variants of these boxes in use around the world, and even within a particular country, there may be many different standards and versions/sizes.

Over time, the intention is to support all typical/popular wall boxes in all of the countries we ship our APs (which may require changes to the mount plate and/or the introduction of additional plates), but initially the products supports the following wall boxes:

- Single or dual gang US metal wall boxes (ANSI/NEMA OS 1-2008)

- Single or dual gang US non-metal wall boxes (ANSI/NEMA OS 2-2008)

- Single or dual gang UK wall boxes (BS 4662:2006 + A1:2009)

- Single or dual gang German wall boxes (DIN 49073:2007-09)

By supporting these specific standards, we indirectly support wall boxes in many other countries that have adopted the same or similar standards.

Does anyone have details/specs for country-specific wall boxes that may not be supported by the current AP-93H, but should be?

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