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Whats after 11ac wave 2?

There has been a lot of discussion about drag racing access points and clients between vendors. My testing has shown the least talked about value is airtime fairness. Clients at the edge -80 can transmit many times over when compared to 802.11g and 802.11n. This speaks volumes, clients are on and off the medium allowing legacy devices medium access. In high density areas where a mix of legacy clients and 11ac this adds untold value. Discounting stadium designs, in most environments I'm involved in, 802.11g is still sufficient. Possibly this leap in 802.11 is way ahead of the actual need. I do realize the internet of everything is coming and wifi plays a role. 
My question is after wave 2, what's next ? Does wifi use another frequency? Does the standards folks manipulate the standard and squeeze even more out of what we have ? 
Anyone know or have any ideas ? 


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Re: Whats after 11ac wave 2?

late to the game but personally i would expect strong attempts to free up frequencies for future versions of wifi. the better modulation and all that require better signal and better hardware helps but it has its limits, so would expect so more channels somehow.


still we are not even in heavy wave 1 adoption so lets see.

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