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When do you Upgrade fimwares?

Okay i would like some advice here.  When i s recommended to upgrade firmware upgrades.


I see some people just upgrading it when its too old or when somethign bad its happening, or when they need a feature not available in the firmware they got.


As for my personal way to go with this, is it like this


Let say with Aruba

i got version right now 6.3.x(aruba is still doing patches for this version)

For now im upgrading all my installation to which is the lastest patch of 6.1.2.X  as soon as they finish with all the patches of 6.1.3.x then ill upgrade it to 6.1.3.x Lastest patch and so on.


Now im kind of confuse here maybe someone of aruba can enlight me here.

Where do you include new features? im supposing  now i look in the Aruba OS tree you got

version 5.0

version 6.0

version 6.1

I suppose you include new features in those version

What is included in for example 6.1.2 and then you jump to 6.1.3(wll this include minor features?)

And then we got to which i guess are the patches....


Anyways why i do it like this well i think iwll have less trouble if i just upgrade it to version and subversion already done with patches which is supposed the things are fixed... and when i m guessing well im always guessing here thats why i open this topic.. well i guess that in 6.1.2 to  6.1.3 minor  features were included??? if im right well those minor features could have bugs which they are fixed on the patches...


Anyways im really careful with this...

I had HARD Time with another solution we sell(not wireless) the thing is that i always used to put it the lastest firmware and it was all bugged... i always had to open a support case to get notice it was a bug... after getting frustrated i started doing something like i just explained up in there and well it fixed all my problems... after dong in it in that way i didnt have any more trouble with bugs... or it was too little ...


Not saying that Aruba would be the same!!!! im just being careful with this thing in every brand i install.


Any comment is welcome :)


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Re: When do you Upgrade fimwares?

Deploy the latest firmware for your hardware platform, but look at the release notes to see if anything affects you.


Only upgrade to get new features, or to fix and existing bug; but always read the release notes.



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