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When is a measurement a problem?

I'm working with my local Aruba guys on this as well.  Using on 72xx or M3.  4 of our sites have over 3000 users/devices each day (in a 2 or 3 story building) with 200+ APs per site.


The dashboard has amazing information.  What I don't know is when each of the different measurements indicates a possible problem.  It helps when they change colors but what are the general numbers I'm looking at (especially in a very high density environment)?  Some of the numbers I have been watching:


Channel busy

dropped frames

retried frames


I am aware of the some of the other measurements and when to be concerned but those above I'm not sure about.  Do they change colors when they indicate a possible problem?  Any documents Aruba have which might shed light?  (they exist but will Aruba release them??)  :)

Re: When is a measurement a problem?



Channel busy : You don't want to see more then constant 65% utilitzation , this could happen because interference either 802.11 or non-802.11 , a lot of L2 retries  , a lot of devices transmitting at very lower rates


Retries/dropped : having a lot of retries is not good , it could be that the device needs a driver update , unhealthy RF environment (interference,   near far issues , etc..) , low signal , roaming issues



You should read this :




Thank you

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