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Where are all the 802.11AX network adapters?

If there any reason why there are no 802.11AX network adapters (except for Intel AX200)?

There are tons of routers available with 802.11AX already but nearly no client devices. From what I remember at the time of release pcpartpicker 802.11AC, pcpartpicker there were a bunch of adapters released along with the routers. nba reddit I specifically don't like the Intel devices because you can't use them as Access Point mode in 5G bands.

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Re: Where are all the 802.11AX network adapters?

Following as I'm interested to hear responses. I've been very curious the past few months as to the lack of AX adapters (especially USB dongles).

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Re: Where are all the 802.11AX network adapters?

The IEEE is currently scheduled to ratify the 802.11ax amendment in Q1 2020. 


Samsung S10 and Iphone11 are early adaptors that using the 802.11ax draft standard. 


We will see more and more vendors using the new standard this year.

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Re: Where are all the 802.11AX network adapters?

I believe IEEE ratification has been pushed out to late(r) in 2020.

But the current draft is solid and used to deliver compliant and interoperable products. It is also what the WFA uses for the Wi-Fi 6 certification program. The number of certified products is steadily growing. Samsung, Intel and Apple are fully committed.

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