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Where can I fine "Show Reference" in 8.x

In Aruba 6.x, it was easy to find is certain profile has been used somewhere else in the connfiguration by clicking on "Show Reference" button in controller GUI, but this button is not available any more in Managed Devices configuration in 8.x.


Is there any way to get the same from 8.x GUI?


Re: Where can I fine "Show Reference" in 8.x

afaik there is no exact 'references' equivalent in the AOS8 webui, the easiest way to get the old functionality is to go into the MD cli (via mm or direct) and use the cli command "show references <thing>" - that's the same as the webUI used to display.


the only thing the webUI lets you do is show all profiles 'at or below' whatever you're looking at (enable the show advanced profiles (top right -> user -> preferences -> [x] show advanced profiles), then navigate into (for example) configuration -> ap group -> some-group and then click profiles on the right. You can then drill down and it will show you what is in use by that profile - not the same as show references though...



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