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Why FW version was withdrawn?


Yesterday I downloaded from support site the fw version, but today it doesn't appear anymore.

==> ArubaOS_72xx_6.4.3.10_56178 <==


What's happened?


Should I install this version or it was removed due to serious issues with it?





Re: Why FW version was withdrawn?

It was pulled because there was an incorrect description in the image version output. You may want to wait until it gets put back up after engineering runs thorugh it to make sure that issue is resolved. I left myself a reminder to come here and update you when I see engineering address this. Thanks!

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer

Re: Why FW version was withdrawn?

Just an update, Support will be posting the corrected builds. There is no functionality risk, it was just signed by the wrong server so when you run a 'show inventory' it states it's a Developer's Build. While there is no issue with the code, you may want to check later today or tomorrow and grab the latest firmware so that IF you have to open a TAC case at some point, it won't be a distration and lead to questions that will delay resolution. 


Thanks, sorry for the trouble. 

Jerrod Howard
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
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