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Why did I lose signal strength in Mesh Network AP range?

We have a Mesh network encompassing our football and baseball fields.  We have AP105 to cover client traffic in certain areas coming from the 120 radios.

we installed in summer of 2011 and we got great coverage until this past March outside the buildings wherre the 105's are up to 100 feet from the building.  Now, if we get more than 20 feet from the building the signal is degraded and then lost.

We have made no structural or mechanical changes to or in the building.  We ran spectral analysis on multuple occassions and cannot see any interferrance in the airwaves surrounding us.  We had an Aruba SE do the same with the Aruba controller and even changed out the 105 with a new one-no good.  And exchange it with a 135 and still got no better coverage.  We did add another 105 to the farther dugout and were able to get the coverage back we had.  So what happened?  Why was I getting a great signal for almost 2 years then it diminish to less than half the strength?



Re: Why did I lose signal strength in Mesh Network AP range?

The usual starting questions:

     What software revision are you using?

     Have there been any other changes recently?



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