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WiFI Calling in 6.5 - UK carriers

Hi All,

Regarding enabling WiFi calling in AOS 6.5..

When our customer was using 6.4, they had no issues, didn't need to enable anything or add any entries.

Now they have got new controllers and AP's and have upgraded to 6.5, they are now unable to use WiFi calling..

This is because we are required to add DNS patterns for each service provider into the configuration manually. There are default DNS patterns but they appear to be only US carriers, like AT&T, Verizon etc.

First of all, can somebody confirm we actually need to add the DNS patterns in?

If so, does anybody have a any DNS patterns they have on their own controller for UK carriers that we can have?

We are trying to get this information from carriers ourselves but the customer service reps have no idea what a DNS patterns is.


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Re: WiFI Calling in 6.5 - UK carriers

EDIT: Also found the Vodafone EPDG and added below

Update: I've found the EE and O2 DNS patterns via packet captures:

edgp.epc.mnc030.mcc234.pub.3gppnetwork.org    /ee
edgp.epc.mnc010.mcc234.pub.3gppnetwork.org    /O2
epdg.epc.mnc015.mcc234.pub.3gppnetwork.org    /Voda

Still waiting on Three and Vodafone.


According to the above link these are the only bigger UK carriers that support WiFi calling(there is a important note about BT mobile under the table)

Re: WiFI Calling in 6.5 - UK carriers

hi Steve,


Are you saying that after upgrading to 6.5 the controller was actually dropping the vowifi (as opposed to perhaps not classifying it as voice and not giving it due QOS) ?   If so, what ACL was dropping it - did it change between versions ? technically vowifi is ipsec traffic, the only place that may get affected was if something started blocking udp/500+4500 in the user role, which shouldnt be the case just by upgrading (although i read somewhere that udp/4500 is to be removed from the logon-control acl in the future, but that wouldnt affect authenticated clients and i dont think it's in released code yet)


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