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WiFi woes

I've got Aruba IAP 205 RWs here, and the virtual controller has made one the master. The IP that the APs receive is on the VLAN 10 network. That's fine
When you create a VLAN for LAN, using the network local IP, I also get a VLAN 10 network. Again,fine
But when you try and assign say VLAN 60, and try and connect to that SSID, it says it can't connect as it can't assign an IP :(The configuration on the switch they're connected to are in the Cisco Config (APs) part of the uploaded document:
This is connected to another switch via gi0/10, and on that switch VLAN 10,20,40 and 60 are tagged. (40 is my management VLAN), so it should in theory work? But unfortunately it does not
gi0/10 is mentioned in the uplink part of the Cisco Config document



The attic switch says to tag Vlans 10,20,40,50,60
Equally if I say assign VLAN 10 to the normal SSID, instead of "default" it also doesn't know what's going on, but if I leave it as default, then I get an IP from the VLAN 10 range
THere is DHCP for VLAN 60 too (Guest) via the firewall. Does anyone know how to sort this out?
The Aruba AP config is in "Aruba Config.txt"

If anyone can help, it'd be appreciated

Re: WiFi woes

A couple of things stand out to me in the AP Config that I just need clarification on...


I see a static route is defined for - is this related to VLAN60? 

I see you have centralised L2 defined for DHCP on VLAN 60 - do you intend to have client traffic from VLAN 60 NAT'd by the AP? Are there any other devices (Switches) in that VLAN that perform DHCP relay (IP helper)?


The APs default VLAN id is 1, so while VLAN 10 is the native VLAN on the switch then VLAN 10 to the switch is VLAN 1 to the AP. This is effectively the same as connecting to switches together where ones native VLAN is 10 and the others native VLAN is 1 for the inter-switch connected ports. It's find to do this but can be confusing if it's the first time you've come across this behaviour.

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