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Wifi Offload

Helllo Everyone

Im looking for information regarding this topic, we got a carrier insterested in this.


We got asked a few questions which i ll name some:

1-With Aruba  let say i sell it to carrier A, just people with cellphone with Carrier A will be able to use Aruba APS for data for the wifi offload? I guess the answer is yes to this but no idea how does that work...  I would like information about this, not just a solution brief

2-IS there a way they got control  of for example who has Data contract and can use the APs for DATA and who doesnt? and well how many  KB was consumed for each user so they can charge them...  or something like this... or somehow sending the data it need to their servers...


Does anyone got experience with this?? which can enlight me in how this works?  what we can do with aruba, what are the limitations?


Help! :)




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp