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Wifi client unable to ping it's default gateway

I have a 7210 controller configured with 3 VLANs.  VLAN 1 for AP's and infrastructure, VLANs 2 and 3 for wireless clients. 

Client device successfully authenticates, receives "authenticated" role, and gets an IP address, however I cannot ping the default GW from the client device, nor can I ping the client device from the controller; either with a default ping or sourcing the vlan.  IP routing is enabled on the vlan interface.


Any ideas?/

Re: Wifi client unable to ping it's default gateway

Can you ping that default gateway from the controller ?

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Wifi client unable to ping it's default gateway

Yes I am able to ping the default gatewasy from the controller.  It is really strange, it just seems that the controller is not properly switching the traffic.  Because my client device is within the same VLAN the traffic should never leave the controller.  I even tried connecting a second client device and pinging between to two clients; that was unsuccessful also.



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Re: Wifi client unable to ping it's default gateway

What is the output of "show rights authenticated"?

In your Virtual AP settings, are you blocking communication between users?


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