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Will provisioning the AP on a different controller help?



I have already up and running Aruba Network with 7240XM controller and Campus APs & Mesh APs.

For the new APs that are to be registered with the controller after being mounted, I don't have the luxury to provision the AP on the same controller.


Will provisioning the AP on a test setup with  controller assigned with same IP as that of  production controller helps in meeting the needful?

What is all that the AP looks when its provisioned with the controller?

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Re: Will provisioning the AP on a different controller help?

It should work on another controller. The thing that will be affected is the mesh recovery profile which is specific to each master controller and can only happen between APs provisioned by the same master controller.

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Re: Will provisioning the AP on a different controller help?

the BEST thing to do is to make the provisioning controller a local to the master where the current mesh APs are provisioned, then use that to bring up other APs and provision them. 


Also there was a change in AOS 6.4 that APs provisioned get their recovery profile from the local or the master (depending on where they were provisioned), not exclusively the master. So you could hit scenarios where mesh APs have different recovery profiles determined by the master or local they were provisioned on

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