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Win 8 laptop connects to CP WLAN at some sites but not others



I have a problem with a Windows 8 computer not connecting to our captive portal/guest WLAN. The strange thing is it will connect to the same WLAN at school sites, but not from our district office where the master controller and a handful of APs are provisioned. The WLAN is shared out from our master controller to our school sites. Many other devices (iOS, Android, Chromebooks, Windows 7) connect to the same WLAN without any issues, so I don't think it's a problem with the config--I've looked through configs but can't seem to find anything.


This is my first experience with a Windows 8 machine, so I'm sure it's something I'm not doing. I took the laptop over to a school that is right next to our district office and connected, visited a few sites on the Internet, etc. Then I started walking back to our district office. I lost connection in a dead zone, but it re-established itself once I was in range of the APs at our district office. So I shut the laptop down, started it back up and now it will not connect again. Has anyone experienced anything similar and know where I might start investigating?


We're running on a mix of 3200 and 3400s. The master is a 3200. The APs are all 125s.


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Re: Win 8 laptop connects to CP WLAN at some sites but not others

Disregard. I ended up rebooting the APs in the affected AP group and the Windows 8 computer connects reliably now. Not sure why it was having trouble where other devices weren't, but it's working now. :)