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Windows 7 issue with wireless

Has anyone experienced issues with Win 7 going into sleep mode, and when the client moves and wakes the device it needs the wireless card turned off and back on to reconnect, and then actually takes a long while to do the reconnection?  We are authenticating through a radius server.


So basically it is a combination of the Win 7 machine going to "sleep" mode and not roaming correctly (or at all) when it "wakes".

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Re: Windows 7 issue with wireless

Have you check on the laptop side if under properties you have this 2 guys enabled? 




Also check BIOS configuration.. Some laptops shut-off the wireless card in sleeping mode...

Is this problem related with all the mobile devices or just laptops? Sounds like a laptop issue.. But just to make sure on the wireless controller double check if you have the Mobility option enable... So the laptop can jump between AP's keeping the same IP.




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