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Windows 8 Compatibility

Hi Guys,


My company has recently leant two IAP105's out for a wireless trail. The client has an existing network but when they have their fortnightly sales meeting where all of their regional sales guys from around the country come to their HQ the wireless fails. They had a meeting yesterday and the overall feedback on the 105's performance was very positive however they did mention a couple of their laptops were taking a very long time to connect to the network, it seemed to be dragging its heels authenticating and a couple of them failed to connect for the first 1-2 attempts. Once the computers had connected they worked fine but I can't think of why they would be struggling. They would have had 20 computers at most in there and as the 105 is a dual band I wouldn't expect it to struggle. I'm wondering if its a windows 8 thing as I've had a few issues with windows 8 and getting on to the virtual controller etc so was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?





Re: Windows 8 Compatibility

What version of firmware are you running on these IAPs?

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Windows 8 Compatibility

Hi Rob,


I believe they are running either


I've jut look and cane see they have available now so I'll get them updated and see if that makes a difference at the next meeting.




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Re: Windows 8 Compatibility

Upgrading is the best policy but we would need more than that I think:

-       What type of authentication are you using

-       The laptops that had the issue were they on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz

-       When you said failed to connect first 1-2 attempts was that for the WiFI or Authentication?

-       Had the laptops configured proxies (that would influence based on the authentication type)

I would suggest when these meetings occur to enable debugging on the iAP and export logs to a syslog. With that information if we are not able to help you I’m sure Aruba support will.


FYI:   I have a Windows 8 laptop and I never had issues with connection to 105.

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