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Wipe 3200 Config

Hello All,

I have a 3200 that I was using for some network testing (didn't install any licenses on it).  I would like to use this 3200 in our production environment, but I still a lot of testing configuration on it.  I want wipe the config have start over with an initial config.  I know there is a way to do this with the GUI, but I no longer have GUI access to it and am looking to wipe it from the console.  We are using  Thanks.

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Re: Wipe 3200 Config

Save your licenses by doing "show license verbose" and then do a "write erase all"


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Re: Wipe 3200 Config



Or you can save your license to a file on the controller. So you can do an import license after you have cleared the config.


(Aruba651) #license export license.txt
Successfully exported 8 licenses from the license database to license.txt


Regards Thomas


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Re: Wipe 3200 Config

 As u mentioned in your query that there is no any license on controller then use the command as cjoseph suggested. 


(Aruba650) # write erase all
Switch will be factory defaulted. All the configuration and databases will be deleted. Press 'y' to proceed : yes

(Aruba650) # reload


This command take the controller to factory default....:)


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Re: Wipe 3200 Config

Just as a side note. My force of habit to do a "wr mem" before the reload negates the "write erase all."


So make sure you do the commands exactly as stated.


Zach Jennings
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Re: Wipe 3200 Config

Thanks guys.  Knew it was something simple, just couldn't remember.

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