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Wired AirGroup Support via Cisco to Aruba GRE Tunnels

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I have a design dilemma that I am hoping someone has come across before.   I have a customer that is extending their Aruba infrastructure to 15 branch locations.  It is a controller-based install.  These locations will have 1-2 APs with a single controller at a centralized lcoation.   Each site will has an existing wired VLAN with a Cisco 2900 connecting everything back to HQ.


They support AirGroup at HQ today, but want to do the same across all branches; including wired devices.   My dilemma is figuring out how to get the controller to see the mDNS traffic for categorization (ClearPass is also in the mix for AirGroup services).  If we can convert any wired devices to wireless, that is one option.  If that is not possible, would something like the following work?


  • First is it possible to setup GRE tunnels between the Cisco 2900 and the Controller for each branch VLAN?
  • If this is successful, will the controller "see" the mDNS traffic from the branch? 
  • If it can see the mDNS traffic, can those devices and their services be available through AirGroup and/or ClearPass?

The APs have no capabilities to forward mDNS traffic they may see.....do they?


Systems Engineer, Northeast USA

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