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Wired Port Detection... and trunked ports

Is there any way to filter which ports are used for detection of rouge APs/upstream APs on wired ports to exclude trunked ports?


In some segments of our network where we have some flatness, we have multiple switches with trunked ports on the same VLAN.  So, when the AP rouge wired detection occurs, it is often found on a) the legimiate port and b) all of the trunked ports on the same segment.  Depending on what saw it last(?), the reported upstream device is likely to be wrong.


We're an Enterasys wired shop; switches are added as "Router/Switch" types.


Any ideas?

Kevin Schoenfeld


Re: Wired Port Detection... and trunked ports

Currently not supported. We are looking into adding this feature where the user can exclude vlans from the brdige forwarding table and I expect this to work for Aruba and Cisco switches. As for "Generic" Router/Switch we will allow users to use interface labels to identify interfaces to exclude on a device. You will need to edit these interface labels per device.


Hope that makes sense.



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