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Wired Port Vlan Report

I'm doing an Airwave trial and working on some custom reporting.  I'm wanting to see if I can make a couple special reports based on Switch port vlan assignments.  We're mainly a Cisco switching environment, if that matters.  Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:


    1. Report 1 - This report would contain a list of the Vlans (Similar to the list of SSID's in a Wireless Report) and then would display the number of Ports on all the switches I have it monitoring that are assigned to that Vlan (or Switchport Access Vlan).   Thats the basic report.  If I can get that, I can add things like In/Out traffic later, but I'm mostly concerened with the Number of Ports in a Vlan

    2. Report 2 - I need to do a report on a specific Vlan.  What I'd like to do is do a report on, example, Vlan123 and be able to return all the switches and a list of the ports on those switches that are assigned to that specific Vlan.

Been racking my brain playing with all the report options and I can't seem to find the right areas to select for the custom reporting. It has a pretty robust reporting feature, but, Is this even possible with Airwave at this time? Can someone help point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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Apologize for the delay in responding to this. Currently there is no way of getting a VLAN report from AirWave. You can see the VLAN information on the interfaces page of each device and that information can be exported into CSV. You will need to do that for each switch on AirWave.




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Re: Wired Port Vlan Report

What about an even more generic version of his question, namely is there a way to run a report in Airwave that would give me just Total Wired vs. Wireless throughput.  There may be many other ways that I could find this on our network, but it would be great if somehow AirWave could do it (even if I had to manually go through the csv for ports with APs vs. without).  We're mainly a cisco shop - but moving toward more Aruba Switches.

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