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Wired ip phones behind RAP 5 in a branch recommendations

okay i got some questions here hope someone can help me :)


I got a client in which we are selling to a branch of like 20(some of them are wireless) users, but normally 5 comes now and then so actually they are like 15  they got like 4 branches almost with the same thing. 


Right now they got for that small branch a pbx in there...

I told the IT guy that he could be saving lot of money with the RAP solution, the montly maintenience of the pbx, the monthly cost of other stuffby deploying a RAP and VOIP phones in there... there will be be like maybe 5 or 4 ip phones i think...


The thing is that the deployment goes like Internet--->-Rap5--->24 port Vlan swtich--->computers and ip phones


Okay my questions are:

1- Is this deployment is okay or there is something is not right?

2-I would likie to implement Voice priority on the rap for the wired ip phones(there are no wireless ip phones) how do you do that on the rap? do you do it by the AAA profile on the wired port on the AP config on the ap group of that rap? The VRD does not mention this scenario, it mention the scenario of wireless ip phones and well using WMM which will automatically do everything but there are no wireless ip phones to use wmm.   So what is recommended in this situation to have voice packet with prioritazion over the ipsec tunnel created by the rap? as they are going through the internet i would like to give those packets prioritazion.....

3-RAP5 is too much for it? or its okay? or should i deploy  a RAP 3?

4-Even the small rap2 can do  almost a complete coverage of all the small branch so there is no need of more APS or anyhing...


The idea like  i said it reducing monthly cost to the client, which of course the client like that idea, and of course increment the security.


on the central site they got a IP centrral  so i will bring that voice vlan through the rap as well as the data vlan of wired users and well the wireless vlan.





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