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Wired to Wireless Roaming

Can someone confirm my understanding of the Wired to Wireless Roaming feature please:


This feature is for customers who have a parallel Cisco IOS AP and Aruba Controller AP deployment. Both are broadcasting same SSID, same VLAN. Cisco IOS APs connected to switch which is connected to an 'untrusted' Aruba Controller port.

1. Client connects to Cisco IOS AP SSID

2. Client shows up in user table on Controller

3. Client roams from Cisco IOS AP to Aruba Controller AP. Technically, the Cisco IOS APs were connected to the Aruba Controller's wired untrusted port, so they are wired clients roaming to wireless now.

4. Client keeps IP address and user table is updated


Please also tell me if I have misunderstood this, thanks,


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Re: Wired to Wireless Roaming


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Re: Wired to Wireless Roaming

how about roaming from wireless to wired side?


according the Guide:


Enable this feature to keep users authenticated when they roam from the wired side of the network. This feature is enabled by default.


seems it just means roaming from wired side to wireless,right? so I am not sure what happened if roaming from Aruba AP to Cisco IOS ap(connect our untrusted port)


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