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Wireless Access Options

Hello All,


I'm researching the best approach to configure wireless access to a "private" lab. The private lab is only on a single floor of a single building and only on a single switch stack. I trying to give them wirless access to there private lab with our existing wireless infrastructure. I know there are different options to acheive this such as Instant AP and different forwarding modes. If I didnt want to go the Instant AP route, which foward mode would be the best way to acheive this goal (Bridge / Split Tunnel).


I'm looking to create a new SSID and have just the one of the muliple SSIDs local switched to the switch port the AP is connected. I have attached a diagram to illustrate my goal. In the example below, SSID Public is tunneled back to WLC while SSID Private is local switch / offloaded /Bridged to the switch. Bridge_Approach.png

Would the best appraoch be bridge mode? From my readings, the bridge scenerio is from a single SSID that has "corp" traffic going back to the WLC and local traffic being bridged.  My in case, I want a single SSID to be "bridged" while other SSID remain tunneled.

Sorry for the inter change in terms as I'm new to the aruba world.



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Re: Wireless Access Options

Bridge mode is typically not recommended, but in this case may be your best option. It should be possible as long as you have CPSec currently enabled on your controller/APs. 


Depending on the switch make/model, you possibly could also tunnel the lab VLAN to the WLC so that it can place users directly in that VLAN. Tagging the VLAN and building a connection from the WLC to that VLAN on the lab switch would be the most preferred option.

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Re: Wireless Access Options

Thank you for the response. These are not the aruba switches so we are not able to take advantage of that feature :(.


Thank you!


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