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Wireless Bridge



We will be replacing an Apple Airport wireless bridge across a pond with 2 Aruba AP-367s. The distance is about 460 meters and I am wondering with the best forwarding mode would be for this? The controller is on one side and the remote side does not have an ISP. For now the ArubaOS version will be 4.6 and will upgrade to version 8 in the future.


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Re: Wireless Bridge

The minimum AOS release for the AP-367 is


What are the connectivity needs at the remote site? Are they all wireless, or are there wired devices at the remote site as well?

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Re: Wireless Bridge



We will be updating to 6.5. The clients will be a few wireless laptops and one wired printer.


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Re: Wireless Bridge

You'll have add a mesh profile in order to connect the two AP-367s together. For the wired port on the remote AP-367, I would probably run that in tunnel mode so that the wired port is treated the same as the wireless users who access the remote AP. 


Unless you are currently running bridge mode for your existing SSIDs on the controller, the recommendation is generally to use tunnel forwarding mode.

Charlie Clemmer
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Re: Wireless Bridge



To clarify what Charlie said.

Below a screenshot of a wired AP port config so that you tunnel wired traffic to the main site.


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