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Wireless Clients getting kicked off the network

The issue that we are having is our clients get kicked off the network.


The clients will be connected and at 98-100% health, about 30-40 clients on the AP-335 at a distance of 40ft or less and will get dropped off the network. The computer will then search for available networks and will not find any. Then our clients turn off/on the wifi of the computer and it will find the network.

We are using MacBook Air and Pro and running Sierra.


We are mainly seeing this issue with our staff members that have static IP's but we see this also on our student clients with DHCP altho fewer issues.


We have been dealing with this for about 2 months however not at the size of an issue we are having now..... We used to see 1 or 2 people a week and it was just a phantom issue but now we are seeing this issue with about 20-30 users and they get kicked off about 5-20 times a day.


Our clients can still do work but it is quite frustrating for them as we don't have a reason to why. 



Thank you again for all your help on this issue we really appreciate all your efforts! Thank you!

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Re: Wireless Clients getting kicked off the network

Okay, I opened a new thread so we can focus on your issues.


- What version of Instant is this?

- You have wireless clients that have static ip addresses?

- Under Each SSID> Advanced, do you have "Broadcast Filter ARP" enabled?

How many SSIDs do you have?

What is your wireless channel Width (20mhz, 40mhz or 80mhz)?

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Re: Wireless Clients getting kicked off the network

I am sorry I am just seeing this today, I would have replied earlier.


Thank you for your post.


We are running

we have 2 SSID's 1 main network and 1 guest

Transmit power is 12-15

The environment is made up of almost all wireless clients 15% are static.

We do have ARP enabled.


I am looking but I don't know where to check my channel width at.



Thank's Colin Joseph


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