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Wireless Intrusion Prevention & RFProtect License

In 6.4 UG in WIP section it says,

"To use most of the features described in this section, you must install a Wireless Intrusion Protection (RFprotect) license on all controllers in your network. If you install a RFprotect license on a master controller only, an AP or AM terminated on a local controller will not provide the WIP features."


So, if we have centralized license enabled and equal number of AP & RFProtect license installed on Master controller still we need to install RFProtect license on Local controller ?

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Re: Wireless Intrusion Prevention & RFProtect License

Anyone ?
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Re: Wireless Intrusion Prevention & RFProtect License

I am sure you already have your answer.


No, you do not need to install additional licenses on your Local controllers when centralized licensing is enabled. The Local controller will pull from the pool on the master just like it would for AP Access and PEFNG licenses. 


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