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Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

Hi All,


Please excuse the length of this post as we've been dealing with this problem for a month now. We've had Aruba engineers on the phone. The entire infrastructure team has been looking at this daily/hourly, and we still have no pattern to identify in order to fix the issue.


Problem: We've installed mostly 315's and 335's in a three story building. We had a professional heatmap done and installed 36 AP's and have about 140 clients connected at any given time. Since installing this system, we've dealt with an increasing number of "disconnects". These reports come from users being connected to "WePresent" devices and GoToMeeting presentations. They know, very quickly, that they've dropped wireless. The issue is, though, we do not see the user actually disconnecting from the AP. Their machine shows one of two errors:

1. Error 11004 Wireless security has stopped.

- This error will show up at the exact time the user reports their connection being interrupted. Our suspicion, and we've been able to confirm this on a few machines, is that they lose the ability to get to the default gateway.

2. WLAN AutoCOnfig detected limit connectivity, performing Reset/Recover.adapter


The user loses the ability to access anything, at this point. They have to wait a few moments for 1. the connectivity to return or 2. the adapter finally disconnects from the SSID.


Solutions we've tried:

1. The Aruba engineers have done the normal steps with our system. They've tweaked the power settings on the radio. We've monitored the VController to watch clients when they disconnect and have found they don't actually drop during this.

2. We've updated drivers to the latest, repeatedly. We've changed out Wireless NIC cards in machines. We thought we had a lock on a certain type of card, but over time, that has completely gone out the window. It seems to be affecting all types of cards and computers.

3. We turned off band steering temporarily.

4. We had an IDS system called Airtight on, but we turned that off in the beginning of troubleshooting.

5. And, of course, our Aruba system is as up-to-date as possible. Our computers are up-to-date running Windows 10.


I'm not sure what else to provide. Any help would be great. We're grasping at straws. So many straws that I'm starting to think it's rats running around the building cutting off wireless and then taping stuff back together. Any additional info you need from me, I can provide it. We've gathered a good amount of data.


Thanks in advance.

Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

What version of code are you on?  Is this a new problem or has it always been there since installing?

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Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

Aruba Operating System Software
Build Time:
2017-08-04 21:26:21 UTC (build 60834) by p4build

And this problem has existed since we installed.


Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

My first two questions without knowing enough about your configuration or environment:

  1. How are you securing the connection?
  2. Have you eliminated interference (both wifi and non-wifi sources?)

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Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

A quick google search turns up a fair number of folks with problems using the 3rd party "Wireless AutoConfig" drivers. The apparent fix from my limited research was to uninstall the AutoConfig drivers and let Windows install default drivers for the NIC.

Have you considered or tested that?


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Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

1. We've secured the connection using WPA2 AES via a Radius server. We've changed the Radius server out altogether. Blew it away, rebuilt another one, etc.

2. We've looked at interference on all levels. We have some printers that are broadcasting, and we're working on disabling those. We also have some mifi devices broadcasting, but there's nothing wildly crazy out there. I would be very surprised if this was our culprit given the amount of broadcasts most other environments must have naturally.

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Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

We have done a fair amount of testing on the drivers. We've used drivers from various websites as well as the default drivers through Windows. For the different types of NIC's, we're finding there are different versions for different manufacturers. We have primarily Dell drivers, but the ones on Dell's website are older than that on Intel, and different from that on HP's. We've installed the drivers from HP's site onto Dell's and so on in hopes we would hit pay dirt on that, but it hasn't made a difference.


Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

If it was in my environment, I'd fire up Kismet or some other wireless sniffing tool on my laptop and try to watch a client as it failed.


That makes me think of two more things:

  1. Is there any client which just works? (Linux laptop, Android tablet, iPhone - something not Win10??)
  2. Can you set up Aruba's encapsulated packet capture from the AP to a Wireshark instance and watch a client as it fails?



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Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

might be a mpdu agg stall... set up a test SSID profile, something that can be used for testing by someone who is, er, still friendly. Create a fresh ssid and vap profile, use your existing aaa profile and use the same opmode etc. Call it "whatever-test" and ask someone to use that while you try to narrow it down.


Set the channel to 20Mhz and disable vht, ht and mpdu-aggregation for that test VAP that you made. It will require some hacking about of radio profiles, ht ssid profiles and the like but the idea here is get the connection back to a basic 11a or perhaps11n connection and remove features that can cause your symptom here (mpdu agg, qos) and see if it stabilises.


You could consider as a most basic test to just disable 2.4ghz on your test VAP and see if that helps at all, then you can rule in/out movement between bands as a trigger.


Assumptions made in the above response

a) your clients are dual band

b) bouncing the wifi at the client (reboot, driver stop start etc.) recovers it



1. does it just affect random users on some random AP ?

2. ever any occurrence of multiple users on same AP ?

3. is the AP stable (show ap bss-table, e.g. if some AP1 has a client that got stuck, what's its uptime).

4. have you collected the 'show ap debug system-status' when the issue is happening, if not, get that (usefulness depends on 1, 2 and 3 above)


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Re: Wireless Issues / Limited Connectivity

This problem seems very similar to our reported issues, and the ones also reported in this thread as a bug:



As described above, supposedly the bug was around mpdu agg, and fixed in  However, we're now running and aren't completely convinced it's fixed.  Quite frankly, this seems like a big problem in the 3xx / 6.5 train, and difficult to diagnose.

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