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Wireless Mesh

Dear Friends 

I'm planning to deploy mesh access point in wide open area but acctually as I know it is not recomended to use more than 4 access point mesh point for each portal and I can't use wired in this environment and I need to deploy mor than 4 access point mesh point  what is the solution 


your comments is highly appreciated...


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Re: Wireless Mesh

Dear Aruba mates 

is there any solution  using mesh access point for wide open area like if we need more than 10 mesh point and we can not use wired in this environment


Best Regards 


Re: Wireless Mesh

Its not clear to me if you're asking about about a single portal with 10+ points and not trying to make a 10 hop mesh ? The number of "4" you mention sounds more like the maximum recommended "hops", i.e. portal->point->point->point. 


For sure you don't want to be doing more than 4 hops, by that point you are sacrificing latency and throughput - you would need to consider other ways around it. if you truly cannot get backhaul further out, you can consider to use other types of unlicensed high gain point to point links to allow you to put portals further out from your starting point.


If you're talking about 10+ points on a single portal (e.g. one hop) then that's fine, you just have to be aware of the limitations and set the expectation of the final outcome correctly before you start building it (use the outdoor planner). You need to have an idea of how much throughput you're expecting at the furthest away mesh point - this will be a determining factor. Mesh doesnt provide any fair-share type scheduling so a far away mesh point will not get the same throughput as a near by mesh point.


As you put more points in the mesh, likely their geographical spread will increase, causing you to have to sacrifice antenna gain for beamwidth, thus reducing your effective range and reducing your speed at the furthest mesh points.




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