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Re: Wireless Phones

Thx , so to summarize :

1- I don't need voice LIC to have VOIP over Wifi if i upgraded to version 5 , right ?

2- Currently i have PEF on ver 3.3 ,  but i don't have NGPEF .... Voice will work normailly , right ?



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Your PEF lic will not work in a new aruba OS (post version 5.X)


1+2: Voip will always work on Wi-Fi. :smileytongue: even in a simple  home enviroment.


But if you would like to have better controlling option over the clients/application/qos ,it's better to upgrade your AOS

and of course it better to add to it PEF-NG in order to control the traffic over the air + the users better.






i'am going to sleep now ,it's 1:45am here.if you a further questions - fell free to ask here. (i will get back in the morning)

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Re: Wireless Phones

In addition read this



Go to chapter 7 if you using Cisco 792x Series Phones and read the recomended configuration for that ip phone series.




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Re: Wireless Phones

I would recommend an upgrade from AOS

This code is no longer supported by Aruba Networks - please see EOS notice at;



Now on the good news front you have PEF license, in AOS 3.4 the VOC license was rolled into the PEF license.

Now after upgrading from 3.x to 5.x the PEF license is automatically updated to the PEFNG license so you have no need to buy any further licenses.


From 5.x release notes;

Licensing Change History

The following changes and/or consolidations were made to the ArubaOS licensing.

ArubaOS 5.0

MAP was merged into base ArubaOS

VPN was merged into base ArubaOS

RAP was merged into AP license

PEF (user basis) was converted to PEFNG (AP basis) with ArubaOS 5.0

ArubaOS 3.4.1

VOC was merged into PEF. This merge happened with ArubaOS 3.4.1

MP was merged into base ArubaOS

ArubaOS 3.4.0

ESI was merged into PEF




I would recommend an upgrade to the latest AOS 6.1

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Re: Wireless Phones

In our experience i will not go without PEFNG , we are using Ascom i62 with very good results, if your infraestructure it's n i will go with a n phone (better results) alcatel even oemize ascoms



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Re: Wireless Phones

Thanks All 

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