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Wireless PtP Bridge Native VLAN problem

I am observing behavior on a trunked PtP wireless link between 2 builidngs.  APs are in bridge mode, trunking multiple VLANs (native 2541, allowed 201,301,401). Controller-based AP 367s; firmware


1. Distant side connected switch IP (VLAN 2541) will not respond to requests from other IPs on same subnet.  Switch status shows VLAN up; Mesh Point AP on VLAN 2541 functional.



2. User VLAN traffic (201 and 301) function over bridged wireless link, but periodically the  distant side Juniper switch IP  goes non-responsive. 



APs' ENET ports are configured- Forward mode bridged, switchport mode trunk, native 2541; allowed VLANs 201,301,401.  AP system profile  Native VLAN ID set to 2541. 



The Aruba APs are attached to Juniper switches; a diagram is attached.  Summarizing, my tagged traffic functions (most of the time).  Untagged traffic non-functional, and periodic loss of connection ot distant-side switch (distant-side AP does not lose connection).



I would appreciate recommendations on how I can modify my configuration to allow Netmgmt traffic to/from the distant switch. 

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Re: Wireless PtP Bridge Native VLAN problem


Please add vlan 2541 as an allowed vlan as well. And still leave it as native vlan. Allowing the vlan 2541 will make it trusted. Setting it as native vlan makes 2541 the untagged vlan.

Hope it helps
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Re: Wireless PtP Bridge Native VLAN problem



Thanks much- instant fix on the issue of NETMGMT VLAN (2541) traversing the PtP link.  I am watching to see if the switch IP on VLAN 201 (used in monitoring) stays active now, as well.  I appreciate the advice.

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