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Wireless Site Surveys with Aruba AP-105 or IAP-105

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I am just wondering if anyone has done a Wireless Site Survey using the IAP-105 or AP-105 (without the controller).




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Re: Wireless Site Surveys with Aruba AP-105 or IAP-105

We have done a site survey wit AP 105. The main advantage of using IAP is that you dont need a controller to perform the site survey. Moreover, all you need for an IAP to perform a site survey is a power source and a switch port that can  bring the link up and provide a IP address for IAP.

If a DHCP is not available, then it is fine too as long a the ethernet link to the IAP can be brough up by plugging into a switch port. If a DHCP server is not avilable the IAP will assign itself a IP address from the 169 sddress space (it may take some time for IAP tod edcide there is no DHCP service and assign itself a 169 address) and start broadcasting the SSID. The IAP can be configured to use the magic VLAN (i.e. VC assigned IP) for the users, so that the device used to perform the site survey will get an address from the 192.168.x.x space.

The heat maps produced by IAP 105  should be the same as that of an AP 105 with a controller. A good method to start the site survey would be to use the Visual RF tool of airwave to predict the AP positioning (set the requirements such as AP power and the minimum signal strength requirement in the Visual RF to predict the AP count and placement). Then place the IAP in the areas specified by the visual RF and conduct a manual site survey. You may be required to move the AP a liitle bit if there is a metal beam or elevator shaft next where the AP is supposed to be placed as per visual RF.




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Re: Wireless Site Surveys with Aruba AP-105 or IAP-105

Will this change with the new software for Aruba IAP with layer 3 functionality(dhcp server etc)? 


They should make site survey possible with the Aruba IAP without the need for a switch.

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