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Wireless Sports Science.

The last few weeks I have been training for a High School Alumni Football game. I have been using a device called a Nike Fuel Band to keep track of my steps and amount of movement throughout the day. It does this by sending the data via Bluetooth to an IOS device. This band is more for the motivation than anything else but it does the trick of getting me to move around more. Using gadgets to workout is a new concept for me. Besides using a phone for music, it is usually just me and the weights.


On one run I started thinking about my gadgets now and what might be available when my son starts playing sports. Imagine being able to monitor your child’s vitals while they are competing in sports. Or image an NFL team’s doctor being able to monitor impacts and determine possible concussions wirelessly from the sideline.


More and more stadiums are beginning to be cover in Wifi and other wireless technologies. Now we must wait for the gadgets to become smaller and more efficient.  


Let me know what you would like to see possible in wireless sports science. Also please post some links of cool device that you know already exist. It is a very interesting subject to me.

Sean Rynearson

Re: Wireless Sports Science.

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