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Wireless Trunk Port??

Hello fellow AirHeads, I hope someone can help me out with this unique situation. First, some background information.

I have just recently implemented a wired network in a warehouse that has several different VLANs. There are only two that are specific to this problem; the Voice VLAN, and the Data VLAN.


There are IP Phones within the facility that are plugged into a network wall jack. These phones connect directly to VLAN 30, which is the Voice VLAN and are able to get IPs via DHCP and they all work fine.


The PCs/laptops in the offices within the warehouse are also plugged into a different wall jack and they connect to VLAN 200, the Data VLAN; again....no problems there.


Here is where the difficulty comes in:


Throughout the warehouse there are mobile carts that contain the following items:

1 x D-Link wireless bridge (D-Link Xtreme N Duo Wireless Bridge/Access Point DAP-1522)

1 x Polycom IP Phone

1 x Citrix Terminal


So here's the situation: The IP Phones are not wireless capable, nor are the Citrix terminals.


We are going to use the D-Link bridge, (the access point feature will be turned off on the D-Link), to connect to an SSID, then connect the IP Phone to the D-Link via an Ethernet cable, as well as the Citrix Terminal, again via an Ethernet cable.

Note: The D-Link has a built in 5-port switch.


So now both the phone and the Citrix terminal are connected to the D-Link, and the D-Link is wirelessly connect to some SSID (dunno which yet) that will allow both devices to access the network.


My question is: How do I seperate the Voice traffic from the Data traffic in this scenario? The SSID that the D-Link bridge connects to has to somehow act as a wireless trunk port that will allow me to get the IP Phones on VLAN 30, and the Citrix terminals on VLAN 200.


Even if I plug the Citrix terminals into the RJ-45 jack behind the phone, can the Aruba controller detect the traffic is coming from an IP Phone and set the phone to VLAN 30 and the Citrix terminal to VLAN 200 and then apply QoS to the Voice traffic??


Any ideas on a way around this problem that doesn't involve me purchasing any more equipment?


Thanks in advance for your time, input, and knowledge with this one.


Alan H.

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Re: Wireless Trunk Port??

I don't think you are going to be able to do this with those D-link bridges. You could do it with an AP-125/AP-135 sitting on the cart. Those will mesh back and have two network ports. That would handle tagging one port as voice and one port as data.


Just had another thought. You could possibly offer up the Voice VLAN to those D-link bridges, then use a VPN on the Citrix terminals, and terminate the VPN on the controller, giving the Citrix terminals access to the data VLAN. But this would be the messy way of doing it.


But I recommend option one, using the AP as a mesh point with access to the two ports.


Zach Jennings
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Re: Wireless Trunk Port??



Thanks for your reply. Man, I was afraid that this would be the case. I'll have to come up with some sort of solution using the equipment that I have because the client isn't going to want to purchase any AP-125s or AP-135s.


And I agree with you that the VPN route is gonna be a bit messy : )


Let's see if any other members have any other ideas.


Thanks again!! 

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Re: Wireless Trunk Port??

I'm working on a very similar issue. using d-link to aruba trying to get VoIP and data to work. Any additional ideas are greatly apprectiated.


When I set the dlink to dhcp, plug in this notebook, I can ping the Voice gateway, another Wired IP phone and do all the data stuff.  IP phone gets "gateway not found.

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