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Wireless User MAC & Radius Authentication | WLC 7010

hi we are trying to configure SSID (SSID without password but domain member PCs only able to connect the SSID) and users Radius authentication.


our plan is once user connect to SSID (which is open) based on user device MAC address (who is domain member) user need to get the login page (captive portal) there user need to enter windows active directory username and password (we already integrated Domain controller using as a Radius server with controller & installed and configured radius service on dc), based on successfull authentication user need to get network /internet access.


please help me on following:


1. how can we enable MAC based authentication for open SSID (example: domain member PCs /trusted MAC only able to connect SSID)

2. once user connected to SSID, browser should automatically redirect to captive portal then need to authenticate with windows user name and password.

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