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Wireless connection problem



I'm from South Korea and user of APIN 0205.


First, I'm not good at speaking english.Please understand my english.


I'm going to use BT/WiFi speaker that is controlled by mobile app.


 When I use APIN 0205 to connect speaker, It doesn't work.

(APIN 0205 --(Connect)-->Mobile--(Not-Connect)-->Speaker)


The speaker is recognized as client device on controll screen(Aruba instant).


But When I replace the other AP, It works very well.

(Other AP--(connect)-->Mobile--(Not-Connect)-->Speaker)


I don't know what is wrong.


Please give me some tips for soliving problems


Thank you


Re: Wireless connection problem

Hi JJ,


There could be couple of things which you need to check:


1. Is the client device placed in to a role which has full access ?

2. If the speaker discovery is using multicast, please disable

broadcast filter option in the SSID profile & re-test it.

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Re: Wireless connection problem

It works very well now.


I really appreciated.

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