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I have been getting several requests for analysis of devices that use the WirelessUSB standard. This standard uses MB-OFDM in UWB channels. These UWB channels are in the frequencies shown:

UWB Band Groups

As you can see, none of the band groups overlap 2.4GHz. Then I get a request for a devices that claims to use WirelessUSB LR.  This device uses DSSS modulation with a 1.5 MHz channel in the 2.4 GHz range.

As you can see here:

WirelessUSB LR


I have a few questions:


Have you been getting requests to use these devices in your RF domain?


Have you had as hard a time as I have trying to hammer out the standards just to come across devices that do not follow them? 


Have you heard of WirelessUSB LR? Or seen a standard for this?

Sean Rynearson
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