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Wizards Profile Names

Is there anything in future releases that will make the wizard profile names more consistent?  Some of the profiles are names with weird trailing characters.  How about an option to input a suffix for the profile name when using the wizard?  Then just prepend the type of profile at the end?  Ex: profile1-vap; profile1-ssid; profile1-ht; profile1-aaa; etc?


Not a major issue as it can be cleaned up from the CLI.



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Re: Wizards Profile Names


I have a hunch you might see wizard and gui improvements in future releases.  As for your naming convention idea - its a very good one.  We now have a place for our customers to post their feature requests and ideas through the support site.  I ma not sure if there any planned changes to the naming convention so it might be a good idea to post your feedback here...



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Re: Wizards Profile Names

Thanks for the tip.  I forgot about the feature request forum. :)



** Would be nice to search the Ideas. :)


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Re: Wizards Profile Names



I really dont understand why naming conventions arent simply propegated top down... For example, which I think the OP is referring to, is the AP System Profile, which is meaningless!  Why not inheirit the AP Group name that you are within?


Ive only recently started to setup my first controllers, and like on the course, was advised to use the wizard.  I was please to see that some of my naming was being carriod through to various elements of the config.. making things nice and easy to identify.  Until I then started to go a bit deeper into more granular configuration.


I would welcome consistancy when naming elements of the config, as it just makes things easier to understand, and ties everything together.

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Re: Wizards Profile Names

certainly agree with this, it looks good a first and then becomes ugly.


is there already an idea which i can add my vote to?

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