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Woops - Wrong AP-Group

So - while troubleshooting some RAP3's, we found that 5 are in the wrong AP group.  I've done the local-userdb-ap modify, local-userdb-ap del  and clear gap-db commands to remove these RAPs and hopefully start over.  Nothing.


With that said, what is the trick to get a RAP back online if you "woops" on a group/add the RAP to a group that doesn't exisit?  Do you need to do Fact Reset for the output to reflect when doing a            sh ap database long   ?  As of right now I have a FLAG value of   UR-c2G when running the sh ap database long   command.


Your input = greatly appreciated!


Thank you!


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Re: Woops - Wrong AP-Group

In case anyone asks -- I forgot to add  - this is a Master to Local relationship, so the DB etc needs to be done on the Master.  Clear gap-db doesn't work on the local.



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Re: Woops - Wrong AP-Group

If the access point appears on the controller, just reprovision it to the right ap-group.  Otherwise, reboot it after you fix the entry in the rap whitelist.


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