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Working on a school project...need some advice please.

What would I need to convert a small hospital with two separate network structures (1000 Base T using CAT 6 cable and 1000 BaseF using single mode fiber connected through a bridge) to a WLAN, install VOIP, and design a high-speed WAN, which will connect to three local hospitals and allow 15 radiologists two-way high-speed of at least 20 Mbps communications from their homes.

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Re: Working on a school project...need some advice please.

Your post does not contain enough information. Just for the WLAN we would need to know area that needs to be covered, construction type, layout, use, desired speeds which all would play in to designing a wireless system. I'd post as much information as you have about the project.

Your really asking a lot from a board on your first post.
If you looking to have the board design a network you plan on deploying I'm going to advise you this is a very bad idea. There are partners in your area which you should consult on the design before a deployment.
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