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X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues

We have many X-Box 360 devices on the network, but we occasionally run across a few that just won't connect. 


I re-solved this problem today and thought I should document it here in the forums. 




X-Box 360 with a/b/g/n adapter won't connect to campus SSID




-X-BOX never completes the network test, sits in the blinking dots between the XBox and AP

-show ap association client-mac <mac> does not show the client

-show station table does not show the client.

-debug-user log shows no entries for the client  

-Client may have previously connected once or several times before

-problem may be reported as this just suddenly stoped working




Certain X-Box 360 a/b/g/n will not connect if band steering is enabled on the VAP

Occasionally the client may connect and then stay connected until a restart




This is a client failure and there are no "solutions" only workarounds.


Turn of band steering

switch to a wired connection

replace the adapter with a b/g/n adapter


We are looking into seeing if this is a problem related only to the adapter card and if a newer/different card will correct the issue.


Our user had a Datel Xbox 360 Wireless N Network Adapter identified as AS159 & AS161 on the back.



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Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues

No Luck with a different a/b/g/n adapter. It still refuses to connect with band steering

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Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues



Can you turn on user debugging to see why?


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Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues

Now that I have verified my email I hope to get notifications of responses to my posts ;-)


In this particular case user debug shows no information on the client. The client never associates to the SSID. 


An in air sniff shows probe requests but never an association request. 


My best guess here is that band steering is delaying the probe response on the 2.4 just too long for the x-box. Since the X-box sees the SSID it wants to hear a response, since it never sees a response it re-starts the process...



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Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues

In the band steering are using prefer-5Ghz or Force-5Ghz ?

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Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues

What are the basic rates for 802.11a and 802.11g?

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Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues


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Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues

I have a student on my campus network with this exact same adapter and symptoms.  Was there ever a fix for this?

Re: X-Box 360 a/b/g/n association issues



Prior to 6.2.1.x the workaround was to turn off Band Steering, this issue was addressed  in 6.2.1.x

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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