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Your Diagnostic Workflow for troubleshooting connections

Since I am quite green when it comes to Aruba issues, and I am the only sysadmin on staff, I sometimes find myself lost whenever one of our users has an issue connecting to our wifi.


I am asking: as someone more knowledgeable in Aruba, what are your go-to CLI commands and configuration checks when a client has an issue connecting?


Example: Today, new wireless clients can't connect to our Public Wifi. They hit the captive portal fine, and then they do not have internet after authenticating. Our ISP has been having DNS issues since friday, and on downdetector, there have been some reports of them having issues as well, so I ASSUME that it is a DNS issue.


However, I don't like to assume.


In this case, how would you double-check on the aruba controller that it is an actual DNS issue, and not some configuration issue with the AP/Controller?

Re: Your Diagnostic Workflow for troubleshooting connections

Please use the troubleshooting guides listed here those will help you on how to troubleshoot your wireless using the correct commands based on the type of issue (RF , Authentication , etc..)

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
Aruba Employee

Re: Your Diagnostic Workflow for troubleshooting connections

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