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a Good USB dungel


i work at Hospital and we have Doc Carts that goes between room , we installed Aruba AP's (after survey) and the department is coverd , my problem is that my USB Dungles doesnt roam , somtimes its stuck on a far AP even if it stant near a closer one .

i was told that my dungle doesnt support roaming 

can some one advice from his expirience what dungle i should buy ??





Re: a Good USB dungel

hi TK


It's true that USB dongles tend to be bad at roaming, but you may be able to make it work with some tweaks. First some questions...


1. what is the dongle brand/model ?


2. what is the OS of the device that the dongle is connected to ? 


3. if windows, have you tried checking the device settings, eg. network connections -> right click on the USB device -> properties -> configure and have a look, there might be a roaming agressiveness or similar setting.


4. does the dongle share a network with other devices, or could it be made to use it's own SSID if you had to ?


5. would anyone care if the device was forcefully kicked out when it has low signal in order to let it reconnect (hopefully to a stronger near by AP).


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Re: a Good USB dungel



here :


1 USB model now DWA-182 i had before TPLINK Archer_T2U same porblems .

2 Win7 

3.i looked there , there is no roaming setting on the driver 

4. we can chose from two SSID , one is free and one if for work (closed with password)

5.since we are using RDP and if the device would kickoff and reconnect immidatly (loose 2-4 pings ) the RDP can recover and it will be good .




Re: a Good USB dungel

ok, based on what you said, I can only suggest something that is going to require you to make a new SSID just for these USB devices. Are you able to do that ?


(the reason being that the way I would suggest to fix this is not what you would normally want to subject all users too, hence, it's going to require a separate SSID)



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Re: a Good USB dungel


what you mean by seperate ssid ?

i am broadcasting 2 diffrent ssid and he can connect to the secure one .


but how can i "force"the card to disconnect from the AP ?



Re: a Good USB dungel

i am asking if you have the permission/ability to create a new separate ssid for the dongle, that will have a reduced coverage area, to cause the client to drop off faster (and search for a new AP)

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Re: a Good USB dungel



I would wait for others to recommend an adapter that roams well.


You could make an adapter roam better if you:


- Reduce the power on the ap

- Remove the "lower transmit rates" on the SSID


It is possible that your current adapter would not even respond to those two, but you can try.


Again, waiting for recommendations for a good adapter instead of making changes to your infrastructure is probably the best way to go.

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Re: a Good USB dungel


i did those two changes on the controller , and has u said 

it didnt wokred 


i will wait for others to say what adapters they ar eusing 



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Re: a Good USB dungel

Any updates ? what are your USB dungles ?

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