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add vlan virtual-AP

Just sprung up a new AP system at my main hospital. 


The Guest /21 subnet has filled up. I was already planning to migrate to VLAN pools but I'll need to do this one in advance.


From what I read, it looks like changing the vlan assignment on my guest vap will reboot the AP. Can someone confirm? 


If this is the case, is there a graceful way to do this without rebooting the AP? I was thinking I can remove the Guest vap from the group -change it to a pool- and then add it back. Although it would be a pain for 30+ groups.

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Re: add vlan virtual-AP

It will not reboot the AP, but it will kick all the users of that SSID.

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Re: add vlan virtual-AP

thanks Colin, I was able to confirm this through a test AP.



one more quesiton, When I assign a vlan pool to the vap, the radios disable. I've been looking through the configuration and can't find anything that would cause that...

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Re: add vlan virtual-AP

Nevermind. Found it.


For others:   VLAN assignments are per controller. Had to add to 2 other local controllers in the VLAN pool.


Re: add vlan virtual-AP

Hey, don't forget you can also check the config for errors using the below command


#show profile-errors 

It would tell you if there is a VLAN missing and so on:


wlan virtual-ap "Corp-SSID"   VLAN 167 does not exist

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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