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adding second controller - for redundancy

As the title says, I am adding a second 3400 controller to the existing single 3400 controller in my network.I ran through the initial setup on the new controller:


Enter System name [Aruba3400]: <name of redundant controller> Enter Switch Role (master|local|standalone|remote-node) [master]: remote-node Enter Remote-node Master switch IP address []: <ip of master (existing) controller> Use factory cert-based IPSec secure communication to remote node controller (yes|no) [no]: Enter Remote-Node Pre-shared Key: ****** Re-enter Remote-Node Pre-shared Key: ****** Enter Remote-Node uplink Type (cell|wired-vlan) [wired-vlan]: Enter Remote-Node wired uplink port [GE 1/0]: Enter Remote-Node wired-vlan Type (pppoe|dhcp|static) [static]: Enter Remote-Node wired-vlan Static IP address []: <ip of this controller (on same vlan)> Enter Remote-Node wired-vlan Static IP netmask []: Enter Remote-Node wired-vlan Static IP gateway [none]: <gateway of vlan both controllers are on> This controller is restricted to Country code US for United States, please confirm (yes|no)?: y Enter Time Zone [PST-8:0]: CST-6:0 Enter Time in UTC [17:08:45]: 18:51:00 Enter Date (MM/DD/YYYY) [11/21/2013]:


and added a PSK in the master as shown in the attached .png.


Is there any thing else I need to do before I plug the redundant crontroller into the network? Just make sure they are both on a trunk with the correct native vlan?


Is there a guide?





Re: adding second controller - for redundancy

There shouldn't be too much else.  Will this be the backup LMS in the AP system profile?  Is it running the same code version?  Other than that, just make sure it has ALL the user VLANs trunked to an interface just like the existing controller.  I assume you will be using 6.3.x code for centralized licensing?

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