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advice on changing default profiles



Just a brief question - when changing profile settings (eg in this case enabling dotk, v and r) would you always create new profiles rather than changing settings in the existing default profiles? I'm wondering if changes to the default profiles could be overwritten during upgrades, or in any case whether it is considered bad practice?


(PS - we are in the process of testing k,v & r on a subset of our APs before going live across the whole estate)



Re: advice on changing default profiles

Hey, personal preference but I would usually create a new profile just in case the default profile is referenced/being used already somewhere and you may inadvertently affect something else. You can always check if a profile is being used somewhere else with the following:


(Aruba7010_Lon) #show references wlan dot11r-profile ?
<profile-name>          Profile name

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Re: advice on changing default profiles

Same as zalion0.


The only default profiles I use (and edit) are the profiles to let AP's in the default ap-group come up as AM's. Other than that I tend to never use default profiles. 

I do however most often start from those default profiles by cloning/'save as' them.


1) clearer for everyone to give them meaningfull names to profiles wherever possible.

2) customer don't always fully grasp that changing a single profile might change more than just what they are looking at.  Also see (1).

3) easier to get back to factory default settings should the need ever arise. 

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